Published: Dec 21, 2020
  • photo upload
  • APOLOGY! Competition is recheduled due to less no of participants, we would let you know the date soon. 
  • Please install the HangryCub app from following links:

Login screen

Login screen

  • Create your account and verify your email, and please dont forget to add your phone no, then login to HangryCub app:

Login screen

  • Click on the search icon to navigate to search page,
  • Search for a restaurant you have visited recently or lately, please note you have to search for a restaurant in your state only, for instance if you are in QLD, search a restaurant in QLD. If you can't find a restaurant, click here to create it.

Autocomplete restaurant

  • Select the restaurant from the autocomplete list:

restaurant search

  • It will take you to restaurant, please click on it, and you will see the restaurant detail page like:

restaurant detail

  • Click on the Upload photo button, it will open the photo upload dialog box as below:

photo upload

  • Add your photo title and the hashtag #hangrycub, this hashtag is must, otherwise you would not be entered into the contest,
  • Upload a photo, please note you can only upload a photo of plant-based, vegan or veg dishes of any restaurant in your state/city, and you can upload only one photo at a time, so please upload your best photo.
  • Publish, by clicking on the publish button you accept contest's terms & conditions.
  • Now wait for us to review your photo for approval, you will get an email of approval or disapproval from HangryCub.
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