Published: Jul 25, 2020

Are you looking for the trendiest vegan spots on the block? Or perhaps you’re keen to get some inspiration when it comes to vegetarian and plant-based food options? 

With 12% of the population self-reporting as being vegan or almost all vegetarian, the meat-free trend is on the rise in Australia. So much so that these last few years have seen an increasing number of restaurants offer meat-free options or even completely ban meat from their menus. Indeed, a significant number of cafes and restaurants are now actively committed to preventing animal cruelty and reducing their carbon footprint on our planet. Their creativity is limitless as they thrive, every day, to turn popular Australian favourites such as chicken noodle soup, Hawaiian poke bowl or shepherd’s pie into delicious and tasty meat-free options.

In this post, we’ll highlight the top meat-free options for vegan, vegetarian or plant-based foodies in some of the best restaurants in the country. Ready to embark on a plant-based foodie journey? Read on!


Peppe’s opened its doors in April 2019 in Bondi Beach. The popular restaurant is the latest vegan gnocchi bar in Sydney and one of the best vegan pasta spots in the Eastern Suburbs. The chef’s creativity is such that even a traditional pasta lover will approve! Their vegan pasta made from creamy porcini and cauliflower sauce are to die for. The vegan pesto gnocchi and mushroom arancini are some of the other favourites on the menu.


Looking for imaginative yet approachable vegan dishes? Mexican inspired Bad Hombres in Sydney won’t disappoint! One of their most popular dishes is their BH Cauliflower menu item. Featuring mouth-watering oregano-paprika salt, cashew cream, salsa verde, coriander and onion, it’s no wonder it’s a favourite among regulars.


Internationally acclaimed and renowned chef Matthew Kenney has turned Alibi into one of the most popular plant-based restaurants in Australia. The menu is extremely creative and traditional ingredients are traded for delicious fresh vegan options enhancing the original recipe and flavours. Some of the trendiest items on the menu include the plant-based Margherita pizza made of cashew-based cheese or the Polenta Verde featuring kale pesto, almond ricotta, blistered tomato and roasted fennel. 


Besides providing delicious vegan food to foodies, the restaurant also currently delivers free meals to vulnerable and destitute people to help during these uncertain times. Their hearty and healthy options include curries, soups and some yummy desserts. Some of the items on the innovative menu vary every week but the lentil burger and pancakes (made with cabbage, carrot, onions and vegan aioli) are among the trendiest meals on the menu.


The plant-based trendy spot offers eco-conscious foodies a sophisticated dining experience. Some popular items on the menu include pickled vegetables with vegan feta and lemon myrtle salt or chickpeas Panisse with yeast and macadamia.


The innovative and balanced menu at Shakahari offers visitors delicious and healthy vegetarian dishes. The restaurant promotes natural and fresh ingredients and nutritious meals. Some of the favourites on the menu include baked pumpkin, orange and nutmeg terrine and the popular ‘’Avocado Magic’’ featuring red capsicum, thin fried eggplant slices and a jade green sesame coriander puree. 


One of the other meat-free restaurants we’d recommend in Australia is Grassfed in Brisbane for burger lovers who enjoy fresh and tasty ingredients. One of the most innovative burgers on the mouth-watering menu is the Herbivore. The vegan burger features falafel patty, apple slaw, sesame cheese, turmeric kraut, red onion, fresh mint, alfalfa and vegan aioli.


 Another place we’d recommend meat-free foodies to check out is the playful and healthy Two-Bit Villains restaurant in Adelaide. The place offers meat-like tasty burgers, a hearty sweet potato pot pie and even red hot dawg made of soy, pickle relish and a toasted bun. Who said going meat-free meant you had to compromise on taste and options?


Are you hungry yet? We’re looking forward to catching you up on our HangryCub platform soon and delivering amazing vegan, plant-based and vegetarian dishes straight to your door!

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