Manoosh Pizzeria

47A Spofforth Street 2088 Mosman
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Cuisines: middle easternpizza
02 8214 8899

For doughy, cheesy pizza that can kick any food craving, make Manoosh Pizzeria your first port of call! Specialising in traditional Lebanese-style wraps and pizzas, this franchise is a paradise for vegans and non-vegans alike. Whether you’re weighing up your Friday night takeaway options or ordering in for game day, Manoosh Pizzeria has something for you and each of your friends.

Manoosh Pizzeria hasn’t always prepared vegan options, but their plant-based pizzas and wraps are now their bestsellers. This isn’t surprising, given that they only use premium vegan cheese and fake meats to make their plant-based range as similar as possible to their standard menu. Gluten-free options are also available at this inclusive pizza restaurant.

To experience the best of Manoosh Pizzeria’s vegan menu, try their Vegan’s Paradise pizza, authentic Lebanese Zaatar Bread or Tabouli salad. You won’t be disappointed!


Opening hoursAM PM

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